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Ants are the country’s number 1 pest control problem. Why? They can enter your home through the smallest of opening and once 1 ant finds food, the entire colony(up to more than 400,000) can follow its scent directly to that food source. Fire Ants can sting you, your children, babies, and pets and in some cases have been known to kill their victim. A queen can lay up to 200 eggs an hour so you should always have your home or office serviced for ants.

Ants are a prevalent pest in homes all across the United States. There are many different varieties in the North Central Texas area, and it’s not uncommon for a home or yard to have an infestation consisting of multiple types. ShooFly Pest Control will be able to properly identify the species of ant you’re dealing with, allowing for a more effective treatment plan.

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David, when we got home the windows were amazing! We can actually see through them now! You do great work!!

Rick Maxey

I’ve used David & Streakless four times now and he’s always on professional, personable, on time & my windows are Amazingly Clean! They stay clean for months too!

Paula Beth Higgins

The windows look amazing! Thank you so much! You guys do such amazing work!!

Malisa Blake

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