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Don’t Let The Storms Get You


Almost every type of weather condition is experienced in Texas. In the west, one-third of the state experiences cold winters and low humidity. The eastern two-thirds of the state swelters in sub-tropical weather with occasional cold fronts in the winter. The driest area of the state is the mountainous region west of the Pecos River, known as the Trans-Pecos. The wettest region is in the southeast. Summer-like conditions extend from mid-April through October. Blistering heat with relentless sunshine is common during this season. Extreme weather conditions include droughts, blizzards, thunderstorms, hail, tornadoes and, along Texas’s Gulf Coast, hurricanes.


Texans experience intense Thunderstorms as we role into early spring and early summer. Most North Texans usually sometimes can be caught unaware as the extreme storms come through. That has been proven the case over the last couple of years in 2015 & 2016. Many times do we get notifications on our phones that alert us saying: “A tornado Watch has been issued for parts of North and Central TX until….; A Few Tornadoes, Large hail, Damaging winds.” Usually followed by the listed areas.


Thunderstorms bring powerful downdrafts, dangerous lightning and damaging hail and can happen in Texas at any time of year. Flash flooding is another real threat of these storms. Squall lines of thunderstorms are most common in the spring. When spring cold fronts dip south and encounter the warm moist air from the Gulf, thunderstorms form along the line of the advancing front. East Texas receives 60 thunderstorm days per year. North Texas receives the worst hail, with baseball-sized hunks of ice a common occurrence.


Texans sight about 130 tornadoes every year. These storms bring extreme hazards; a few hundred people are injured annually in tornadoes and another dozen are killed. Tornadoes have ripped through Texas city centers, notably Waco, Lubbock and Wichita Falls. The most likely time to see a tornado in Texas is March, April and May.


One major weather condition threats Texas every year. The Texas Gulf Coast is in the line of fire of deadly hurricanes from mid-summer through fall. These monster storms come ashore with torrential rains, powerful winds and a deadly storm surge. Hurricanes come ashore in Texas about every three years, on average. As of 2011, the deadliest hurricane to hit the state was in 1900. More 8,000 people were killed on Galveston Island when the hurricane’s storm surge covered the entire land surface of the island.

The storms and floods we saw in 2015 & 2016 shows they can occur anytime.

Streakless Clean Services typically gets an influx of desperate homeowners trying to arrange last-minute gutter cleans as a storm approaches, and during! We always do our best to get everyone we can, but inevitably, some miss out.

How To Be Prepared

There is no set frequency to cleaning gutters. Every place is different. Each house and property has it’s unique factors. In other words, some places should have there gutters cleaned every 6 weeks or 3 months, and others annually. Every time we clean gutters, we check the roof for any visible defects and damage. We can also suggest a good routine that best suits you. Here is one such example with the picture to the right: Spring came, a tree stretched out it’s limbs. This particular client called us at the end of the year. That whole year the storms came and the tree branch continued to grow out and the winds caused the branch to rub against the roof and this is the damage that was caused. We cut the branch back to keep from further damage and informed the homeowner of the damage.

Don’t let life get so busy that regular maintenance  suffers in the process. This particular customer in now back on the regular 6 month cleanup service for the gutters. One blank spell in service can cause greater damage versus organizing the calendar for proper and regular maintenance. 

Keeping your gutters and downspouts  clear allows the rain water to get away from the house as intended, and preventing water leakage going back into the house. So, if you feel that you have gone to long without having your gutters checked, or maybe you feel it is that time again to get your gutters cleaned, don’t put that thought on hold. Having your gutters cleaned could not only save you money, but also bring you peace of mind.

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