Window Cleaning

It’s Only Fair You Relax, Right?

5 Reasons Why Window Cleaning Is More Important Than It Seems

No one objects the importance of cleaning your teeth every morning, right? (excluding little kids, of course.) As we all understand this is a very important part of everyone’s daily routine that saves us from cavity and keeps teeth healthy.

But, for some reason this concept is not applied in other situations. From time to time, we all clean windows in our homes, but it is probably not on the priority list for many. Let’s face it, it involves getting dirty, possibly climbing ladders and it takes up a lot of time. A sticky floor is an issue, but dirty windows are usually tolerated for much longer.

Today we would like to shake up your perception about window cleaning and take a fresh new look at it as a service.

5 reasons why window cleaning is more important than it seems:

  • The Structure of Glass

Like your skin, glass is porous and collects dirt that over time make it fragile or causes loss of transparency, pigmented spots, which accommodate microorganisms’ growth. In the end, if not properly maintained and cared for, it will ruin the glass completely.

Common enemies of your windows and the main reason for cleaning them are:

      • hard minerals – from sprinkler systems and home and roof run-off
      • oxidization – from windows encased stone and other materials on the outside of the home
      • pool spray – Your pool cleaner sends out a regular spray that hits the windows and forms hard water mineral from in the water
      • overspray – accidental paint, chalk, mortar particles, etc.
  • Subconscious Effect

Did you know windows significantly affect the way visitors perceive the cleanliness of your home? Subliminally or completely consciously, the majority of people will pay attention to the cleanness of your glass when visiting your home. Even from the road it is very noticeable. Dirty windows will testify careless attitude and represent less attraction on the home overall. Clean windows, on the other hand, attract more of a warm and cozy feel on the home, for friends and family alike. Furthermore, experienced property realtor agents testify of an increased overall value  towards the home with clean windows among potential property buyers. Moreover, clean windows on properties were sold at higher prices than those with the same features but dirty windows. It’s easy as a piece of pie – clean windows make everything look tidy, fresh and simply pleasant.

  • House Heat Efficiency

This might be a big surprise for some of us, but it turns out dirty windows affect overall heat efficiency of your house. Dirt particles on the surface and in the pores of the glass simply reflect more UV light, preventing the sun from warming up your home during the cold seasons. Everything get even worse when filthy glass is combined with low-efficiency windows. Such issues can cause a gradual increase in heating expenses and even issues with mold in the long run.

  • Maintenance Over Time

Just like with our teeth, it is ten times less expensive to care for them on a regular basis than to accept the long run restoration expenses. It is the same with your windows. Once your windows start bearing the marks of time, it might be hard to reverse the process of damage at all. Micro-cracks and scratches, glass mold and spots will gradually destroy the glass and force the need to replace the whole window pane eventually. Not to mention all the potential damage to the surfaces surrounding the window.

  • It Simply Works – Clean Windows Look Nice

I’m sure you have felt it before – clean windows make you feel better, they offer a better view. The world in full color is simply more satisfying. If you don’t understand what we mean, just ask your friend with glasses about their perception of the world before and after cleaning the spectacles. Some might even mention an increase in self-esteem and boost in positive thinking. Don’t let yourself down with smears and smudges.

Alright, now that we are clear on the reasons and have our conclusions, the next question is:

How Often Should I Clean My Windows?

To give a clear answer to this question, we would have to consider the specific environment that surrounds your home. What we mean by this is, the amount of trees that surround a property will put off more natural elements then say, a city neighborhood without many trees, mainly just homes. If you live close to a busy road, the gasses put off by vehicles and heavy elements will build up much faster than on the windows of a person living close to a park.

First off, think about a frequency of rain in your area, all sources of pollution (both natural and human-caused).

Second, consider for a moment how fast your windows attract dirt. You might take a notice on how often people on your street wash their windows.

Third, re-consider your cleaning solutions. Today, it is easy to fall in love with all the beautiful packaging and promises of a great product with the most beautiful sparkling windows. But the truth is that you don’t need all those chemicals to have clean glass.

Finding an answer to the three points above will give you the perfect timing according to your specific needs.

Depending on the environment of your surroundings it may be good to have your windows cleaned every quarter or every six months. For most households, average might be once or twice a year. If you feel you need a more regular scheduled service we can easily adjust to fit your needs to quarterly or whatever you desire. The point of this message is to not leave them for longer then 6 months.

Love your windows and they will love you in return!