Window Cleaning

Get Organized this Summer

Every  year in March and April, people start realizing how dirty their windows are. It could be for any of these reasons:

  • The days are longer so you notice the windows more
  • People usually begin doing their spring cleaning, so they want the house looking great
  • “We are putting the house up for sale and need to list it!”  is a common statement of the desperate householder
  • The bugs go crazy at this time, often marking insides and outsides of the windows
  • Now that the weather is warming up, People are getting out of the house more and they want to return to a clean and fresh home

Streakless Clean Services normally has a waiting time of around 2-3 weeks booking. Sometimes some calls may come in on a full schedule and people were wanting to get their windows done tomorrow. Avoiding situations like this can sometimes be difficult, but in most cases, planning ahead allows time for the professional to get you on the schedule and create a lasting experience. We strive here at Streakless Clean Services to give you the best service possible in the most timely manner possible. Of course we do our best to accommodate everyone, but eventually there is a limit to how much we can accomplish, while maintaining high standards.

Don’t forget too, you should keep your windows clean and protected against the elements to ensure a long life on your investment.

If you’d like to guarantee your place you’ll need to book early! You can call or email now to arrange scheduling service for 2-3 weeks ahead.