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Pests are a reality of life here in North Central Texas. There are over 94,000 species in the U.S. alone. No matter how clean your home is, pests will find a way in. Pests not only cause damage to your home they spread germs, irritate allergies and make your living environment very uncomfortable to be in. That’s why choosing the best pest control company is so essential.


A Complete Pest Control Solution

ShooFly Pest Control offers a wide range of residential pest services for your residence. Whether you live in a house, condo, or apartment, ShooFly Pest Control can create a maintenance plan for you.

When you call ShooFly Pest Control, one of our highly trained technicians will design a specialized plan to address your needs and the specific pests that are in your area. Our technicians will work to provide you with the specialized service your home requires throughout the entire year.

Our program provides coverage for termites, bed bugs, roaches, rats, scorpions, mice, ants, and spiders.

Pests systematically seek out entry points and invade your home to obtain food and water. That’s why ShooFly Pest Control's pest control treatments are focused on the following;

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  • Improperly sealed doors & windows
  • Weather stripping
  • Under Sinks
  • Plumbing penetrations
  • Sanitation


  • Foundation
  • Weep Holes
  • Eaves
  • Thresholds/Doors
  • Soffit and Eave areas
  • Plumbing areas
  • Heavy Foliaged areas
  • Firewood stacked next to home
  • Mulch beds


Our Pest Management Programs For DFW Metroplex & Full Surrounding Areas

One-Time Service: For a targeted pest on a general pest prevention treatment

Quarterly Service: Most commonly used service program; Includes coverage for the following pests: Ants, Roaches (all species), Spiders, Scorpions, Silver Fish, Earwigs, and most crawling insects

We also offer service for Fleas & Ticks, Honey Bees, Bed Bugs and most common pests in the North Central Texas area.

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David, when we got home the windows were amazing! We can actually see through them now! You do great work!!

Rick Maxey

I’ve used David & Streakless four times now and he’s always on professional, personable, on time & my windows are Amazingly Clean! They stay clean for months too!

Paula Beth Higgins

The windows look amazing! Thank you so much! You guys do such amazing work!!

Malisa Blake

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