Christmas Lighting

We’re Ready for Christmas 2017. Are You?

We’re Ready for Christmas 2016. Are You?



It’s hard to believe, but another holiday season is just around the corner. Time truly does fly!

But for Christmas Enthusiasts, that’s good news. The sooner Christmas comes, the better. It seems the world is forever in need of that precious moment of peace and joy that Christmas always brings.

And one thing we know about Christmas Enthusiasts: They’re always looking to make the next Christmas the best Christmas ever. So if you’re a Christmas Enthusiast, we know that you’re on a mission, of sorts, to make Christmas 2017 the most joyful that your family has ever experienced.

We’re here to help you do just that.

Our Elves Have Been Awfully Busy

As all kids know, Santa’s elves have been working at a feverish pitch lately. After all, there’s lots to do to get ready for Christmas.

The same is true for our elves (a.k.a. employees). We’ve all been working hard, getting ready to help you make this Christmas the best your family has ever experienced. Because this is the time of year that Christmas Enthusiasts start gearing up to really get ready for the season.

We can’t claim that our elves have been quite as productive as Santa’s – what can compare to producing enough toys for all the world’s children!? But our elves have still been pretty productive.




Do-It-Yourself Christmas Lights

Hanging your own Christmas lights can be a fulfilling activity. It is a great feeling to stand back and see Christmas represented in the illumination of your own home. But be sure you are up to the job before you start. No one wants to spend Christmas with a broken arm or leg. Nor to admit to friends and family that you fell from the roof while hanging Christmas lights.

If you are up to the task, then you want to do it right – like the pros. And we have information here to help you. Watch videos and read our blogs about hanging Christmas lights and you will be able to do it like the pros. But remember to be careful climbing around on a roof, in the winter, It is not a sport – it is a hazardous situation. And Christmas is too wonderful to spend it in a cast.

From all of us at Streakless Clean Services we wish you a Merry, Safe and Bright Christmas.

We’re Here For ALL Christmas Enthusiasts

There are different kinds of Christmas Enthusiasts:

  • Residential, focused upon decorating their own homes for Christmas
  • Commercial, providing home decoration services to their customers
  • Wholesalers, purchasing top-quality Christmas décor products for resale to their customers

We’re here to serve each type of Christmas Enthusiast with products that meet their specific, unique needs.

But no matter what type of Christmas Enthusiast you might be, we want you to remember that you can always depend upon Streakless Clean Services to provide ONLY top-quality products at fair prices.


Let the Season Begin!

As I write this, we’re still slogging our way through the dog days of summer (and here in Texas, those dog days can get awfully doggy!). But Christmas really isn’t very far away. And this is the time of year that Christmas Enthusiasts start gearing up for the season.

So we just wanted to let you know that we’re ready to help you make Christmas 2017 the best Christmas ever. We’re more ready, in fact, than we’ve ever been.

I think this is going to be the best Christmas ever for all of us. I’m sure looking forward to it. Aren’t you?